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Flooring Installation


Welcome to Elite Hardwood Flooring Company!


Our goal is to consistently provide quality wood flooring services that exceed the expectations of our customers.For your home, we provide beautiful and attractive flooring which looks adoring with your walls. Also you can be creative and use different floors for your bedroom or kids’ room and we will make sure you like what you see. For your Offices we will install floors that look elegant yet authoritative. The floors that look appealing and yet are perfect for every meeting and important decision. Elite Hardwood Flooring specializes in professional installation, sanding and finishing of hardwood floors at affordable rates serve San Mateo, San Francisco, Hillsborough and around. Our hardwood floors come in countless colors and styles to aid you to transform your home nto a haven for you, your kids and the countless guests who are going to love your amazing floors. We strive to provide you hardwood flooring services in your set budget, not that your perfect floors need a price label. We boast a wide experience as hardwood floor installation and refinishing professionals, which equips us with skills to provide you one-of-its-kind wood flooring services with unparalleled quality. Don’t let your dream floors get away. Let us create them for you.

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