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Hardwood Floor Refinishing Services

Most hardwood floors are made of oak, but despite the durable nature of this wood, it only looks as good as the surface finish. Water stains, scratches, dullness and whole areas worn bare by household traffic make the floor look unattractive and these are signs that it's time to refinish the floor. Not that the floor has withered altogether, but we know how much you love your home and surely want it to look as beautiful as ever.That means your hardwood floor needs to be sanded down deliberately to bare wood. Some floors require this level of work because of rash circumstances, but others can be revitalized by screening or buffing, an easy and wallet friendly, a process that takes off the top layer of polyurethane but doesn't remove any wood. Screening helps your floor wood get smooth and accept the polyurethane coating easily to make it look like new. The screening process generally takes a day and another to let it dry. It is a quick process to renew your floors. This relatively inexpensive technique gives you the option of doing the work without having to sand the wood. At Elite Hardwood Flooring, our professionals provide unmatched hardwood floor refinishing services including sanding, polyurethane & staining of wood floors across San Francisco, San Mateo, Hillsborough, Burlingame, Belmont, Millbrae, San Bruno, South San Francisco and surroundings.We will get the whole process done as gently and quickly as possible. Try our services and renovate your home with beautiful floors.

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