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About Us

Hi, My name is Fiodar Shkoda. I am the owner of Elite Hardwood Flooring. Everybody knows that Hardwood flooring provides a unique combination of nature and sophistication that no other floor covering can impart. Elite Hardwood Flooring is is one of the well-established hardwood flooring companies that specializes in installation, sanding and finishing of hardwood floors. With over 11 years of  experience in the hardwood flooring industry, we have all to provide you with a hardwood floor service that will meet or exceed your expectations. Mission of Elite Hardwood Flooring Company is to provide excellence to you, our valued customer. We do this by providing a professional experience, while committing ourselves to the use of high quality products and techniques. Thank you for considering our company with all your current and future hardwood flooring needs. We look forward to serving you.



Call Elite Today.
Our Contractors are available to help you during the installation, sanding or refinishing process. Don’t hesitate to call us at any time during your custom job. We are a full service flooring company offering hardwood floors installation and refinishing services in San Francisco, San Mateo, Daly City and surrounding areas.

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